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Try Something More Brilliant Than Google.

Everyone should try Wolfram Alpha which is said to be more Brilliant than GOOGLE, It is an Answer Engine that is answers your Questions, just enter your question or calculation in the box than wait for Wolfram to answer your question, rather than retrieving long list of webpages as conventional search Engines do, Wolfram will

New Version Of Facebook Group

Facebook has just revealed a new version of Groups with a simple and interactive interface to share status, photos,communal activities like group chat, e-mail lists, document sharing, group photo-tagging and share links with your close buddies. A New Version Of Facebook Group is a simple way to keep up to date with a small group

Instant Search Plugin For WordPress

WordPress Instant is a Plugin that provide Instant Search feature for your WordPress powered blog. WordPress Instant help your visitors to find your content very fast and instantly even from your content loaded blog. Your blog visitors do not have to wait the search results anymore. WordPress Instant will display them instantly. This service is

Karaobird For Youtube – Lets Karaoke On Youtube

On YouTube there is a lot of available video clips of music tracks from various artists. In fact, the Google-owned video sharing site has created a special page on music / music. But, not all the clips featuring the lyrics of the song that is displayed. With Karaobird you can install add ons to

Where To Search SubTitles For Your Movies

Here is the list of websites that provide subtitles for you to download : AnySubs provide text files to DivX format movies for free. On this site users can browse existing collection subtitle based on alphabetical order or view the Top 100 titles of the most widely downloaded. Most files on AnySubs using SRT

Facebook Instant Search By Nour Syron

After the YouTube instant search which has been introduced by Feross Aboukhadijeh now another instant search service being introduced, Facebook Instant Search. This service is developed by Nour Syron from Dubai. The Facebook Instant Search allows you to do the following: Search Facebook instantly (including posts, pages and updates). Searching in your friends’ posts, status,