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How To Flip/Reverse Your Text Using Free Online Tools

Tired of writing the ordinary? try writing in reverse by using the free online text tools, you can also write update on Facebook, twitter, my space and more in reverse by using these free online tools. You also can choose to make your text appear upside down.Just type your desired text into provided box and flip

Facebook-Update Status Using Arabic Letters

Tired of Facebook status updates using English Language ? Want to try something new? Let’s try to update your Facebook status using Arabic letters.Curious? How to do it? Actually we do not directly type in Arabic letters on Facebook but first we type in the software called Arabic Pad and then we copy and paste the

How To Make Your WordPress Blog Readable On Mobile Phones

Now a days more and more people are accessing websites via their mobile phones every day, creating the need for webmasters to adapt their websites to these visitors so today i wanna share some  info on how to make your WordPress blog readable on most mobile phones in just a few minutes.There are various types

How To Easily Create Photo Effect

You want your photo with the background like this? But you do not want to bother to edit it with Photoshop or other photo applications ? There is easiest way to do it.You can change, enhance and make funny photo editing without knowing and program like Photoshop. Perhaps info like this have long circulated in the

Recommend Free Antivirus

Eternal enemy for computer users is a virus that attacks the data, programs, operating system, so could damage the hardware of a computer. The presence of the virus as old as the age of the computer itself. Each time there is a virus, the antivirus program was born,when the virus has disappeared, and then grow

Openbook View What People Share

Openbook is a search site that lets searchers see what people have written in status updates that are public to the world. It allows you to view the wall posts that are intentionally or inadvertently made public by keyword. Have you ever check whether your facebook account and the status updates you do are in

Free Website URL Submission To 70+ Top Search Engines

Getting high traffic is important for any website or blog for sustainability purpose. In order to get high traffic our blog need to be publicized quickly to Top Search Engine and get noticed by internet user. We would like to share on how to quickly publicize your Website URL to 70+ Top Search Engines, to

Unofficial YouTube Instant Search

Enjoy the YouTube Instant Search developed by Feross Aboukhadijeh, a talented Stanford student of Stanford University. He created Instant Search feature a similar search feature as Google Instant Search for YouTube in just three hours and luckily because of his great job he has been offered a  job at YouTube, via a Twitter post from CEO Chad