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Steps To Change Facebook Page Url

Do not fancy this kind of  url for your Facebook page? Don’t worry you can change it once you page have at least 25 fans. Just visit Facebook Username Page and you will see something like this. Now choose the Page you want to customize and type the custom short name in the box to

Step To Create An Event On Facebook

Nowadays the easiest way to invite friends and family to an event such as networking for business, a wedding, party, or school/college  gathering  is by just to set up a Facebook event and invite them all through that. It is because so many people are now on Facebook, hmm but you should know how to setting

Finding Ideas For Writing Articles

To write a blog article is not a simple matter and not something that is so complex, but only requires the interest and study. But generally the idea of writing sometimes came pouring and there were times when we seem to drought ideas for writing, such as, may be this month so we can write

How To Make Your WordPress Blog Readable On Mobile Phones

Now a days more and more people are accessing websites via their mobile phones every day, creating the need for webmasters to adapt their websites to these visitors so today i wanna share some  info on how to make your WordPress blog readable on most mobile phones in just a few minutes.There are various types

How To Easily Create Photo Effect

You want your photo with the background like this? But you do not want to bother to edit it with Photoshop or other photo applications ? There is easiest way to do it.You can change, enhance and make funny photo editing without knowing and program like Photoshop. Perhaps info like this have long circulated in the

WordPress Plugin For Checking English Grammar And Spelling

Non native English Speaker most common problems when writing articles in English is Grammar part as well as spelling problems.I’m also not a native English speaker and faced the same problems. I tend to make lots of Common Grammatical errors,spelling, misused words, grammar, and style. This kind of mistake is not good for my blog

How To Use Disk Cleanup For Cleaning Windows

Windows Operating System has several features integrated in it which sometimes is often forgotten by users. One of the features is a built-in Windows Disk Cleanup that can clean junk files that are not needed, such as Office temporary files and report errors that already age for a few months. You can use the Disk Cleanup feature on the drive (HDD)

How To Monitor CPU usage, Disk, Memory and Network in Windows 7

There are many applications that we can use to monitor memory and CPU usage in Windows. With Windows 7 you can monitor in real-time usage and performance of CPU, Disk, Memory and Network without having to install another application because Windows 7 already have a Resource Monitor tool to monitor and provide details on the