Raya Song

There are numbers of evergreen Raya songs are very popular and played during Raya celebration. Mostly the songs are symbol of thankfullness and happiness during the Raya celebration after fasting for one month in Ramadahan. But there are also sad songs. Don,t watch now wait till a few days before Raya to watch these clips. Below are the collection of Raya video clips should be watched:

Nice one and very classic

Siti oh siti

My favorite

One day of Raya Celebration


By DJ Dave

Very sad song

Like this one so much

Owh Ahmad Jais

My auntie love this song

Nice duet song

Aishah dont be sad

Sesuci Lebaran – Siti

Hehe Anuar and Ellina when they were young.

Always Asking forgiveness from your parent.
Thanks for watching dude.

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