Effect Of Link Exchange

This time we want to write about the link exchange. For bloggers, this option is very important to boost the popularity of your site / blog them in the eyes of search engines. As a newbie in the world of bloggers we do not deny it is also important for our website to remains at the top search engines and we keep trying! on it.

Link exchange with other sites is said really affect Page Rank. Especially with the help from Google, supposedly is a search engine that introduces thousands or even millions of bloggers around the world to visitor. Google  makes the bloggers who optimize the total site / blog for crawler friendly,and indexed in search engines and hope to get Page Rank. And if the Page Rank score is high it means the site that you created has a plus in the eyes of search engines.

The explanation is like this, if your site is called site A to exchange links with sites B, it will automatically place a link exchange inter-related and so-called follow. Then, there will be another term that appears which links INBOUND and OUTBOUND links. If there are more and more backlinks which means the number of INBOUND links to a site / blog will be even greater, on the contrary, if a site / blog a lot that came out so-called OUTBOUND links.

There are several things you should consider in link exchange that is INBOUND links must be greater than OUTBOUND links or at least is break even . Because it will affect the page rank. Usually the problem occurred at most sites / blogs that configure to receive comments and a lot of SPAM comments that come in and gives a chance for the search engine crawler bots follow the link.

But it can be overcome if the comments on the setting “NOFOLLOW” and do not in setting “DoFollow”. When your site / blog you have enough backlinks and have a strong foundation, then you can change the setting to “DoFollow”. So, inevitably we have to strengthen the foundation of this blog with emphasis on regularly updated.

For those who want to exchange link just contact us by using contact form or email to us, You also can leave your comment and we will contact you soon.

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