Facebook-Update Status Using Arabic Letters

Tired of Facebook status updates using English Language ? Want to try something new? Let’s try to update your Facebook status using Arabic letters.Curious? How to do it?

Actually we do not directly type in Arabic letters on Facebook but first we type in the software called Arabic Pad and then we copy and paste the Arabic letters to the status of our Facebook.

To type letters using Arabic Pad is very easy, open Arabic Pad application then just type the letters on the keyboard as usual but the difference is the Arabic letters will appear in the display of Arabic Pad . As you see above we type please visit http://www.bein2.com on the keyboard, bu the result is طلَاسَ ِّسِت حتتط://ووو.بَِن٢.صْم. Then we copy and paste the letters on our Facebook as below.

Very easy and interesting, give a try now. You can download Arabic Pad from the link below.

Download : Free Arabic Pad ( ebsoft server )

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