Google Plan Website On TV Globally In 2011

GOOGLE will introduce new services to bring its website into television screens around the world next year, 2011. Google TV has launched to software developers in May 2010 and preparing to launch across U.S this October and will go globally in 2011.Google TV is a new experience made for television that combines the TV you know and love with the freedom and power of the Internet. Google TV enable fully accessible via the internet television, will be offered for free and Google will offer the program in collaboration with operators and manufacturers of electronic products to bring to the consumer. Just connect your computer to your´╗┐ TV… finding what you wanna watch on the computer is way easier than with a TV/Astro remote control with a lots of arrows and buttons. Even via a Google search feature is also integrated to help users find relevant content.Besides Intel, the other Google partners like Sony and Logitech and DISH Network also plans to release a Google TV-based products. Google TV also will features added options for navigation and control including the application to change the smart phone becomes a remote control for Google TV.

Watch an overview video below.

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