Healthy Life

Here is a list of steps that you can follow to ensure that your life stays healthy :

  • Healthy food intake – Eat five serving of vegetables and fruits a day and avoid saturated fats. Beware of processed foods,which often contain high level of salt.
  • Get active – Even 30 minutes of activity can help prevent heart attacks and strokes and your work will benefit too.
  • Say no to tobacco – Giving up nicotine fix will halve your risk of coronary heart disease within a year.
  • Maintain a healthy weight – Weight loss together with lowered salt intake , leads to lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is the number one risk factor for strokes.
  • Know your numbers – Measure your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels, together with waist to hip ratio and body mass index (BMI). Once you know your overall risk, you can develop a specific plan of action to improve your heart health.
  • Limit your alcohol intake – Restrict the amount of alcoholic drinks that you consume. Excessive alcohol intake can cause your blood pressure to rise and your weight to increase.
  • Bring exercise to the workplace – Include physical activity in your working schedule. Take the stairs, exercise or go for a walk during your lunch breaks, and encourage others to do the same.
  • Choose healthy food options – Ask for healthy food at your office canteen, café or find nearby restaurants that serve healthy meals.
  • Encourage stress-free moments – While stress has not been shown to be a direct risk factor for heart disease , it is related to smoking, excessive drinking and unhealthy eating, which are risk factors for heart disease. Take time to lunch away from your workplace to get some fresh air and have regular breaks during the day. Try stretching or exercising for five minutes twice a day.

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