How To Make Your WordPress Blog Readable On Mobile Phones

Now a days more and more people are accessing websites via their mobile phones every day, creating the need for webmasters to adapt their websites to these visitors so today i wanna share some  info on how to make your WordPress blog readable on most mobile phones in just a few minutes.There are various types of well-known Mobile Phones browsers such as Opera Mobile, Bolt, iphone, android, and so forth. With mobile phone you can surf internet faster (depending on internet connection that is used) and most importantly more efficient.

But do you ever know how to create a wordpress blog to match the look on wide-screen mobile phone? Like the display on a laptop or PC. Here are the tips on how to make your wordpress blog to mobile phone:

1. First, go to your blog admin, and select appearance “Add New Theme”

2. Then do a search with keywords type Carrington Mobile themes. Theme can be installed directly without uploading it via FTP.

3. Once installed, please do not activated it first. Because these themes are only for secondary themes, so your main themes are still active. Don’t worry your blog will automatically adjust to the OS the browser when visitors browse your blog using hand phones.

4. Now click the plugins tab, select menu then just do a search with the keyword “WordPress Mobile Edition“, just installed it. Well now you can directly activated the plug-in because the function of this plugin to enable mobile mode and automatically use the themes that we downloaded earlier. That ‘s it.

5. If you want to add more mobile phones, just go to the Settings menu, click menu “Mobile”. Then you can add a new browsers and type of mobile phones were deemed appropriate for the purposes of mobile.

Good luck,

Perhaps there are among you who receive the error “WP Mobile is incorrectly installed. Please check the README.” after activating the plug-in the WordPress Mobile Edition. When you click on the Readme, apparently it will headed to the site Alexking. Unfortunately, there is no solution that you can  get.

Apparently the problem is in naming the themes. At 1:02 Themes Carrington Mobile version uses the folder name Carrington-mobile-1.0.2, while at Carrington Themes Mobile version 1.1 uses the folder name Carrington-mobile without including its version. To solve it just clicking on the Plugins>> Editor change this define (‘CF_MOBILE_THEME’, ‘Carrington-mobile-1.0.2’); to define (‘CF_MOBILE_THEME’, ‘Carrington-mobile’);

Now problem is solved.

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