How To Protect Your Content From Being Copied

Writing articles and publish it on your blog is a pleasure thing to do but how many times did you saw your own posts, republished on other websites without your consent and even without giving credit to the original source, this is a serious problem for bloggers. The truth is mostly every publicly viewable website can be copied.

In this article, i want to share simple but effective technique to prevent content theft. I think this is the easiest ways how to make it more difficult for people to copy your website. But before that you need to know how to detect if your content is being stolen? You can use a website plagiarism checker

Copyscape will search the web for the pages that have similar content to yours that are similar to yours. This service provides a badge for warning the users not to copy the content, you can place it on your website.
Even though it warn the users not to copy, it won’t stop thieves from copy your contents.

You may also try CopyGator or CopyRightSpot.

So how to protect your content from being copied ? Yes i found the answer, you can install Blog Protector, a wordpress plugin which can protect your valuable blog content(Pages & Posts) from getting copied. This plugin basically disable right-click on your blog and disable selection of text on your blog which will make the bloggers difficult to copy the content. You can read more about the plugin here. Click Here To Download.

Another great plugin that have the same features with Blog Protector is Wp-CopyRightPRo 2.5.

List of protections provide by WP-CopyRightPro :

  • Disable right-click on your WordPress.
  • Disable selection of text.
  • Protects from iframes.
  • Protects from drag and drop images.

Find out more about the plug-in here.Click Here To Download.

Now just install any of above plug-in and you are successfully minimize the copying of your blog/website contents. Even though this is not a complete solution, your content not 100% fully protected but at least it will prevent your contents from easily being copied.

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