Instant Search Plugin For WordPress

WordPress Instant is a Plugin that provide Instant Search feature for your WordPress powered blog. WordPress Instant help your visitors to find your content very fast and instantly even from your content loaded blog. Your blog visitors do not have to wait the search results anymore. WordPress Instant will display them instantly. This service is just like Google Instant, Facebook Instant, YouTube Instant and maybe a lot more Instant Service will be created. Install WordPress Instant Plugin to your blog now and your visitors will appreciate it because they can surfing and finding the posts instantly.

For Live Demo and to download the plugin you can visit Official WordPress Instant Website

To install just Download and Manually install the “WordPress instant” plugin (or) go to your Dashboard  > Add New plugin page and search for the plugin title to install WordPress instant, activate the plugin.

Then create a new page you may name it search page. To create a new page go to Pages Tab inside Dashboard Menu’s after a new search page has been created  add WPINSTANT with square bracket. See the graphic example below.

Save and done, now you can visit the page.Try to type your search to experience your all new Instant Search Feature. Perhaps you can try, type what are looking for in the box below. [WPINSTANT] Good Luck

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