Internet Explorer 9 Latest Version

Windows users must have waited for the presence of Internet Explorer 9 which is the latest version of Internet Explorer. Quite a lot of improvements made by Microsoft in Internet Explorer 9 as support CSS 3 which is very useful for the designer to minimize the use of images.

In addition to support for CSS 3, IE 9 is also equipped with the latest javascript engine called “Chakra”.

Internet Explorer 9 features:

  • Canvas
    • In the latest Platform Preview We support all elements Canvas Canvas APIs and most 2D Context APIs and attributes.
  • video
    • MP4 H.264 playback support, using hardware or software decoding
  • audio
    • MP3 and AAC audio support
  • window.msPerformance
    • This API is being worked in partnership with members of the W3C and is subject to change
  • IE9 User Agent String
  • getElementsByClassName
  • characterSet
  • -Conformant HTML5 whitespace handling
  • CSS3
    • Media Queries
    • Selectors (entire module and:: selection)
    • Namespaces
    • Backgrounds & Borders
      • border-radius
      • All the background properties
      • Support for SVG as background images (including multiple backgrounds)
    • Color (RGBA (), opacity)
    • Values & Units
  • Web font formats
    • EOT
    • WOFF
    • Raw installable fonts (TrueType, OpenType)
  • Events HTML5
    • DOMContentLoaded
  • DOM Style
  • DOM Core
    • adoptNode, compareDocumentPosition, CDATASection, importNode, inputEncoding, isDefaultNamespace, isEqualNode, isSameNode, isSupported, lookupNamespaceURI, lookupPrefix, replaceWholeText, textContent, xmlEncoding, xmlStandalone, xmlVersion, wholeText
    • DocumentType, ProcessingInstruction, createDocument
    • Namespace-related APIs
  • DOM Traversal
  • DOM Range
  • Events DOM L2 (complete)
  • DOM L3 Events (complete)
  • DOMException objects
    • Thrown by Various DOM APIs according to the W3C DOM specs and HTML5.
  • “Constant” properties of the W3C DOM Standards
    • DOM objects and constructor prototypes now include the “const” properties described in the W3C specs
  • Updated prototype DOM hierarchy
    • Changes IE9 standards align with the W3C standards mode, and include the Addition of the “Node” object (and Others described in DOM L2 Core), as well as changes and revisions to the Node-derived objects Poor ‘”Comment.”
    • Note That the “HTMLDocument” object constructor has been removed as per the current HTML5 draft standard.
  • HTML5 Selection
  • XHTML Documents
    • The XHTML mime-type of “application / xhtml + xml” is now listed in the Accept header of outgoing requests
  • Generic XML Improvements (“text / xml” and “application / xml”)
    • Generic XML documents contained render SVG and XHTML content
    • The DOM generated from the generic XML documents reflects the original markup
  • Via XSLT <? Xml-stylesheet …?>
    • Engine upgraded from MSXML3 to MSXML6
    • Works on SVG and XHTML documents in Addition to generic XML documents
  • SVG
    • The SVG in IE is based upon the SVG 1.1 Full 2nd Edition (targeted at desktop browsers)
    • Document structure, scripting (eventing) and styling (inline and through CSS) is functional
    • Presentation elements and on their corresponding attributes and DOM are available: paths, shapes, colors, transforms, gradients, patterns, masking, clipping, markers, linking and views
    • Improved support for HTML5 parsing rules
    • SVG Text
      • Fill, stroke, positioning (x, y, dx, dy, rotate), including for complex scripts
  • V2 and v4 ICC profiles are supported on color images

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