Karaobird For Youtube – Lets Karaoke On Youtube

On YouTube there is a lot of available video clips of music tracks from various artists. In fact, the Google-owned video sharing site has created a special page on YouTube.com music / music. But, not all the clips featuring the lyrics of the song that is displayed. With Karaobird you can install add ons to Firefox or Extensions to Chrome and a scrolling lyric player will be added to your YouTube and automatically synced with the video player.

To install just go to youtubelyric.com and you will see the page as below.

Click Download and you will see the page as below.

You can choose to install on Firefox or Chrome, just click install and follow the instruction. I choose to install it on Chrome. Here the next step.You will be redirected to the page as below after you click install and the pops up to confirm installation will come out.

Then click install again to confirm the installation process. You will see a pops up on the upper right notify Karaoke for YouTube is installed.

How to use? Visit YouTube.com/Music , search a music video that wants to sing. Automatically on the video page will appear a box containing the lyrics. For example I search “club can’t handle me by florida”. The video page is appear as below. On your right there is a lyric. Now you can sing together with Florida, Enjoy it.

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