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Openbook is a search site that lets searchers see what people have written in status updates that are public to the world. It allows you to view the wall posts that are intentionally or inadvertently made public by keyword. Have you ever check whether your facebook account and the status updates you do are in reach only for your friends and family members ?

You can check with Openbook and if you are logged in to Facebook when you use it, you can follow the search results to Openbook the complete profile of the user. While the site might seem like a scary thing, it actually uses the Graph API Facebook makes available to developers. Visitors who use Openbook can search for terms such as ‘flirting’ or ‘cheated a test’ then they will be presented with a list of Facebook users that have posted the term on their page and made their profile viewable by anyone. My advise tighten your facebook privacy settings now, otherwise your facebook status updates will be read by anonymous persons who don’t have facebook account even.Many of us think we are still communicating privately but the fact all the while we are posting our private thoughts for all the world to see.

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