Step To Create An Event On Facebook

Nowadays the easiest way to invite friends and family to an event such as networking for business, a wedding, party, or school/college  gathering  is by just to set up a Facebook event and invite them all through that. It is because so many people are now on Facebook, hmm but you should know how to setting the event to private, if you plan to invite only certain people.

So how to How To Create A Facebook Event ?

  • First Login to your Facebook account, You need to have Facebook account since Facebook Event’s do not work for those who do not have Facebook account and for sure with no contacts to invite!.
  • Now on the left hand side navigation bar is the title ‘Events’, right after messages, click Events, this will take you to Events page which displaying all events related to you.

  • Now fill the form, these include when ? What are you planning? More Info and Who’s invited? you can provide as much as possible additional info that you want to inform your guests.If you omit something, don,t worry  You are able to go back and edit or add to this information at a later time. You also can upload a photo for your event by clicking Add Event Photo button on your  upper left.
  • Now you can click create Events , that’s it, now you can start inviting your guests.

Good Luck.

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