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Everyday most of us spend our invaluable time reading insignificant e-mail because our in boxes get filled with hundreds of e-mails daily, but only a few of them need our immediate attention and really important, the rest is just rubbish. Now with the introduction of Gmail Priority Box we can prioritize our incoming messages.If you not yet activate it you will find New!Priority Inbox link in the upper-right corner of your Gmail, just click the link and push the Try It Now Button to activate the features.

This feature automatically identify important incoming messages and separates them from other emails especially the useless one that normally consume a lot of your reading time. Priority Inbox is just like your personal assistant helping you to sort your email and identify important email. Priority Inbox will separate your Incoming email into sections: important and unread, starred, and everything else (Customization Option). The best part you can even train your Priority Inbox to gets better at predicting what’s important to you by using the train button.

Here are a few tips for using Priority Inbox by Gmail Support:

  • Check your regular Inbox or your Everything else section every once in a while, to make sure that Gmail didn’t miss an important message. If it did, just use the ‘important’ button to help teach Gmail what you care about most.
  • Find a configuration that works best for you. If you don’t trust Gmail’s importance ranking quite yet, try setting the top section to show all unread messages, the middle section to show important messages, and the bottom section to show everything else. That way all of your unread messages will be grouped together, and you can decide whether Gmail is correctly identifying your important messages.
  • Too timid to take the plunge? Some people find that just using their regular Inbox and training the system from there is a good way to get Gmail to learn what’s important to them without diving into Priority Inbox right away. Once you think Gmail is doing a good job identifying important messages, come back to Priority Inbox and check it out.

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