Unofficial YouTube Instant Search

Enjoy the YouTube Instant Search developed by Feross Aboukhadijeh, a talented Stanford student of Stanford University. He created Instant Search feature a similar search feature as Google Instant Search for YouTube in just three hours and luckily because of his great job he has been offered a  job at YouTube, via a Twitter post from CEO Chad Hurley.
Just like Google Instant, the YouTube Instant feature try to guess what video users are looking for as they are typing a search string. YouTube Instant service plays YouTube Videos as you Type your search query in a simple to use search box

Searched videos will begin to play automatically as the engine guesses what you type. User who have slow connection  otherwise will get buffering icon for long time but it’s great to see YouTube Instant Search. It’s will pick the most relevant suggest and automatically playing the video as you Type , cool feature right. While a lot of  buzz about Google Instant Search out of nowhere a marvelous thing done by A Stanford Student.

You should try YouTube Instant, try it here : YouTube Instant Search

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