WordPress Plugin For Checking English Grammar And Spelling

Non native English Speaker most common problems when writing articles in English is Grammar part as well as spelling problems.I’m also not a native English speaker and faced the same problems. I tend to make lots of Common Grammatical errors,spelling, misused words, grammar, and style. This kind of mistake is not good for my blog and consume a lot of my time when writing an articles.

Now it’s not an issue anymore since i found a useful WordPress plugin “After The Deadline“. This open source software is free to use and efficient to checks spelling, misused words, grammar, and style.

You may know the type of error by its color.

  • Misused words and spelling errors are red
  • Grammar mistakes are green
  • Style suggestions are blue

Click an error to see a menu with suggestions. Many errors have an Explain option that provides more information.

For more info about this plugin or to know how to install it, how to setting their options on your own WordPress blog you can read it at afterthedeadline.com. Watch the video first to get the idea on how it work before you go ahead with the plugin installation to your blog.

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