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To write a blog article is not a simple matter and not something that is so complex, but only requires the interest and study. But generally the idea of writing sometimes came pouring and there were times when we seem to drought ideas for writing, such as, may be this month so we can write 5-6 quality articles, but for the next month we are only able to write two articles. It preferably we can consistently write articles.

Of course there are some blogs that plagiarized content from another blog, but trust me this blog will not last long because it will be hard to be indexed by google.An article of knowledge is better in quality and more sought after by readers blog for sharing information provided. Article written about the personal life is also good articles as long as it is useful to readers.

Here I would like to share some tips on how to get ideas for writing blogs. In fact there are so many sources of ideas that may not have been explored. And some sources the idea that sometimes seem in front of our eyes, but we are unaware. Some people think hard to find ideas, when in fact if we more sensitive, we can easily get the idea. This is an example of some source of ideas for our blog:

Comment on your own blog
I experienced this, when there are visitors who ask me something, and to answer it, I write the article and then post it and let my comments provider to discuss it. There were also comments from a few friends , so i will write articles about it.

News website
You can find hot news, and then rewrite and publish it to your readers. We suggest finding an appropriate topic with your blog niche.

Article Directory
This is where the warehouse of information and knowledge. Try to open any related website and find articles that appear on the main page, or you can find the article that you enjoy, such as Hobby. From there you can know what a hot topic of discussion dealt with the hobby.

Google Trends
Google Trends can be used to find the topic of what is often talked about, and if we are quick in taking the topic, it is possible that we can become number one on Google Search Engine.

Active in the forums and you will find a thread that contains the questions, then you can help find answers and post them on your blog, forum and live guests will navigate to your blog.

Besides the selection of topics is also able to develop ideas for writing articles blog.There are two kinds of topics can be chosen, that topic either seasonal or evergreen topic. Seasonal topics are topics to be searched according to current news such as election-related topics, while the evergreen topics are topics that are always sought after and have a loyal readership. Some examples of evergreen topics are as follows:

  • Recipe information that discusses the various types of food be it practical recipes, pudding recipes, fish recipes, traditional recipes, etc..
  • Job Vacancy discussing about the latest job vacancies, job application letter, etc..
  • Latest lyrics Information that discuss the most often searched song.
  • The World Music Information that discusses the development of music now, so you can share information and become provider of  MP3 music downloads.
  • Software Download and computer information that discusses the latest software, tips and tricks, virus, antivirus, etc.
  • Information Guide that discusses various guidelines. Facebook tutorial that can be phenomenal in the public eye, tutorial blog, etc.
  • Information about theme/template which discusses a list of links to download free blogspot templates, free wordpress template, free joomla templates, etc.
  • Information that discusses sex tips and tricks. Here, I suggest do not presume to make slime or porn site, but the relationship of husband and wife consulting a medical.
  • Film Synopsis Information, latest music and newest video clip.You can get a lot of referrals from other sites.
  • Entertainment Gossip, celebrity gossip Information.
  • Sports Information. Hum … I suggest the world of football.
  • Game information such as PC, PS2, PS3, PSP and so on. Provide information about game cheat, download free games and game review.
  • Group Information stories, such stories can be fun, humorous stories, scary stories, ghost stories, funny stories, mystery stories, etc..

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